Sales commitment

Before saling

  • After receiving the full information, The quotation will be sent to customers no more than 4 hours
  • After agreeing the quotation, we will send samples to customers within 48 hours
  • Advise customers with the best packaging solution.

After saling

Delivery to customers with good quality products
If product quality is not met:
  • If the products can be overcome: bring them back to treat and deliver them to the customers within 72 hours
  • If the products can be not overcome: the lot will be re-made to compensate the customers and get the old lot back to grind them, record video and sent the clip for the customers.
If your company achieves the quantity:
  • Quantity: 20,000 m2 within 18 months: will be refunded the cost of printing cylinders for your company.
  • Order 5 samples within 12 months and each sample reaches 5,000 m2, the 6th sample will support printing cylinders cost for your company.